Hyundai produces four-passenger luxury car

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South Korean carmaker Hyundai has turned to developing a project to produce a flying taxi or flying car, a future vehicle powered by the latest technology.The S-A1 flying taxi, a Hyundai concept prototype made in early 2020, was unveiled at CES 2020, surprising the world with its landing capabilities. And fly up and carry four people as if the pilot were living in the game world.

The company has partnered with Uber and a team of space experts on a flying taxi project, as the entire operating system uses pure electricity. This vehicle is an electric vehicle equipped with eVTOL-electric vertical takeoff and landing technology. This taxi is part of the future Smart Mobility Solution. In addition, it can fly at a speed of 100 km, full charge in 5-7 minutes, and a top speed of 290 km per hour.

The company expects to be able to complete the project by 2028 to officially launch in the smart city. The price may be in the tens of thousands of dollars or millions of dollars.

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