Yamaha X Ride, the new M-series, is now available for sale

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The Yamaha X Ride is arguably the most compact motorcycle in the world, competing with the Suzuki nex and Honda beat.Picture of Seyha MotorRecently, Yamaha X Ride also released its new series in the Cambodian market. This attractive motorcycle has a large number of presence on the road and is sold in many shops. As for the price, it is on sale for ** $ 1,900 **.Picture of Seyha Motor

The Yamaha X Ride is a 125cc automatic motorcycle that is smaller and more sporty than its predecessors. But more importantly, this motorcycle is suitable for young people and lovers of automatic transmission.

Ezecom, one of Cambodia’s leading high-speed Internet Service Providers (ISPs), has joined forces to reward the five winners of the 2021 Social Innovation and Communication Campaign. Organized by the Ministry of Environment in collaboration with USAID.

The competition for running works and creative ideas runs for three months from September 29 to December 29, 2021. The purpose of the competition is to encourage young participants to show how their families and friends are responsible for the environment, to promote education, to change attitudes among the masses. Please also be informed that this competition is conducted through social media.

His Excellency Say Samal, Minister of Environment, said, “This program is designed to encourage participation and inspire the clean living movement, clean villages, better environmental protection and the promotion of environmental friendliness. Improved. “At the same time, the Minister spoke about the progress of Cambodian society, which is part of our participation, whether development partners, the private sector, the public sector and officials at all levels of the Ministry of Environment to participate in the work. Changing attitudes, thoughts and attitudes towards the environment.

His Excellency Say Samal, Minister of the Environment, and Nancy J. Eslick, USAID Mission Director, presented the winners with certificates and certificates at the awards ceremony held at the Ministry of Environment.

Ros Sophea, Director of Public Affairs of Ezecom, who participated and gave prizes to the winners, said: “Congratulations to the five winners of this competition. “Ezecom is pleased to co-sponsor this event and support the Royal Government and its partners in organizing this event.”

Through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy, Ezecom strives to create positive values ​​through environmental stewardship, community activities, partner and public activities in line with CSR standards, and as a member of the CSR Cambodia Forum. Has been a regular contributor to various social support activities and events, including sponsorship of environmental programs, sporting events, education, and technology conferences.

As one of the 100% Cambodian Information and Communication Technology (ICT) companies in Cambodia, Ezecom has the largest fiber optic infrastructure network in Cambodia. The company received ISO 9001-2008 certification in 2011, ISO 9001-2015, 2018 and 2020 certification, and also won many prestigious international awards.

About Ezecom

Ezecom was established in 2007 to serve the growing internet market demand for enterprise and residential companies in Cambodia. Since its inception, the company has become one of the leading and comprehensive internet and communication technology providers in the Kingdom of Cambodia, including internet, fiber optic, IPLC, DPLC, MPLS, VPLS and VAS based solutions and services. On the other internet. At Ezecom, we empower people, companies, enterprises and nations to jointly build and shape your digital future. Ezecom’s mission is to “become the best provider of communication services in Cambodia through innovation and continuous improvement and social upliftment.”

Our company utilizes fiber-optic network throughout Cambodia, supported by MPLS and world-class data center services. We are well aware of the demand for high quality and reliable internet services, so Ezecom has invested heavily in digital infrastructure, including the Submarine Cable (MCT) system, which will be connected to mainland Cambodia in 2017, with Collaboration with Telekom Malaysia and Symphony Thailand. These significant investments ensure a level of service that best suits the needs of companies, enterprises and home users. Our innovative solutions and robust infrastructure have made us a market leader in our sector and a driving force for Cambodia’s digital transformation.

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