Wear this one to listen to music and protect against dust and germs

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Wear this one to listen to music and protect against dust and germs

Technology is advancing and nowadays everyone needs to wear a mask. Dyson has announced the noise canceling headset that comes with the mask. It’s going to be the weirdest headset right now. The headset is called the Dyson bizarre.

As for the headphones themselves, there are up to three noise suppression functions for use in different contexts. In addition, its noise canceling system is also intelligent, recognizing the sound of the horn and other alarms to ensure safety when using.

The headset is powered by a pair of air motors that suck in and pass through an air filter for easy and pure breathing. And if you want to use only an empty headset, you can remove it because the key is connected by a magnet.

Dyson did not specify much about its features such as size, weight, battery life and price. At the same time, the company stated that the purpose of creating this headset is to make life more comfortable today, away from noise and air pollution.

Honda officially launches two new 2022 SCOOPY motorcycles

including: Honda motorcycles, Honda cars and engines. Honda Industrial Farm and so on.

To meet the needs as well as the expectations of many customers across the country. On April 1, 2022, the company officially launched the new Honda New SCOOPY motorcycle under the innovative concept * #THE FASHIONOLOGY showcases modern civilization, perfect for modern youth, and this special design is for God only Kingdom of Cambodia only.

For the New SCOOPY, both Honda series are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, eSP engine with PGM-FI fuel injection system, which makes the engine more efficient, more efficient and more fuel efficient. The body has been newly developed, making the motorcycle more agile, more balanced and easier to drive.

If you think about the unmistakable chic, it will definitely make you think of the New Honda SCOOPY Prestige series . The circular headlights feature a new generation of bright LEDs. From luxury to charm, prestige

Even more exciting with the New SCOOPY CLUB12 series , increase your confidence, show the outstanding UNIQUE style with the latest technology that young people in the new era aspire to. New stamp! Modern design with CXII logo in the middle, button design with blue surface highlighted with Graphic QR CODE, which shows the way to the technological age with Smart Key USB Socket , perfectly suited to the digital age.

It should also be noted that all customers can also buy at all Honda motorcycle stores across the country from April 1, 2022 onwards.

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