Very surprised! Lexus puts the steering wheel on the electric car, do you know anyone who dares to buy it?

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Very surprised! Lexus puts the steering wheel on the electric car, do you know anyone who dares to buy it?

Very surprised! Lexus puts the steering wheel on the electric car, do you know anyone who dares to buy it?

Late last year, Lexus unveiled the exterior of its first electric car, the RZ 450e, which was designed as a futuristic luxury car, especially the front end. Designed in the shape of a shark nose, equipped with LED headlights and a spindle grille pane, which Leuxs often equip on its car.

Recently, Lexus has also released a picture of the most interesting interior of the car, the Yoke-Style Steering Wheel. Already on the Tesla Model S Plaid. Other than that, there are digital counters and touchscreen entertainment systems, and the gearbox has been redesigned in a luxurious way.

However, Lexus did not specify any details other than the image above, but we will know more about it, when Lexus officially announced on April 20. Ahead.

According to previous leaks, the Lexus RZ 450e will be based on the same e-TNGA chassis as Toyota’s bZ4X and Subaru Solterra. This car can have a powerful engine of 536 horsepower, from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3 seconds and a large battery of 90 kWh and a full charge can do. The journey reaches a distance of 600 kilometers. It will also come with a fast charger.

New Year’s Day, do not forget to check these simple things on the car to ensure a confident, safe and comfortable rid

Soon, our traditional New Year will come and as usual, all people travel, whether to their hometown or travel. Today, Sabay will highlight 9 simple points to help make your personal car trip more confident, safe and comfortable.

Let’s follow together:

1. Check air conditioner air filter

This is a necessary thing for the health of passengers in the car, because it acts as a barrier to prevent dust from entering the car through the air conditioning. Air filter air conditioners have unequal service life depending on the road conditions of driving. If you regularly ride on dirt roads, this air filter will quickly clog. You may notice that it breaks when the air conditioner suddenly stops cooling or emits less air. The solution is to change it or just let the car wash help blow the dirt if the filter condition is still good. The air conditioning filter is located under the passenger side dashboard.

2. Check engine air filter

After thinking about your own health, do not forget about the health of the car engine. The engine air filter acts to prevent dust and dirt from entering the car. So we have to blow the ground or switch if it reaches the limit. The new air filter will help the car consume less fuel and have better momentum.

3. Whisk

New Year is rarely rainy, but do not forget to water, because you may see the road is not clear when it rains or fog if it is not good quality. You can change it in a car wash for a cheap price.

4. Add water to wipe the glass

I tried to change the water bottle and suddenly ran out of water, sprayed the glass and did not wipe it. Before leaving, you should add a glass of water to wash the glass, and if you want to spend money, you can buy glass soap to mix in water. But use products made for windshields and for mixing in water tanks.

5. Add coding on glass

This product helps your car’s windshield look like a lotus leaf without water. If there is water on the glass, it will flow down immediately without having to press the glass screw when riding through the water play area during the New Year. You can buy this product at car washes and car accessories.

6. Clean the drain holes on the open roof car.

Refers to a car with an open roof (Sunroof) that has a waterproof problem. In fact, it is not because the roof is leaking, but because the drainage holes are clogged. So do not let it appear while riding through the rain, you need to solve this problem before it happens. The easiest way is to find a long piece of wire and pour a bottle of water, gradually pouring the wire until you see water flowing down under the car.

7. Check the car battery

This is really heartbreaking when you get in the car and can not unlock. In general, for smart locks, it can live for about 2 to 3 years, and for normal telephones, it can be used for 4 to 5 years. So after knowing the age of the lock, you can judge for yourself whether it is time to change or not.

8. Fuse

The fuse is responsible for conducting electricity to each part of the car, and it has a unique feature that will immediately disconnect in the event of a malfunction. But sometimes as it ages, it can also break on its own, causing the equipment that follows it to stop working immediately. For example, if the fuse for the headlights is off, then the light will not go on. For its location, there are two major locations: near the battery and under the driver’s steering wheel, while for some cars it loads the fuse box directly on the fuse box. This fuse is not expensive, so it would be good to have the first one.

9. Saku Bike

Used to inflate all four bikes, forget one and leave each other on the locust. So you should inflate the sakura bike, because in order to avoid breaking the tire, sometimes the sakura bike also runs out of air.

10. Check traffic jams to avoid

Oh last! Do not forget to open Google map to know if the road we are about to be congested or not, to make it easier to detour, avoid wasting time due to traffic congestion. Read more How to see traffic jams

Hopefully this article will be able to remind you all and bring joy in the upcoming Khmer New Year. Finally, I would like to remind all of you to respect the traffic law and wish you a safe journey.

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