If true, we will see the skeletons of electric sports cars from BMW and McLaren

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If true, we will see the skeletons of electric sports cars from BMW and McLaren

There is new and interesting news that it is known that BMW and McLaren are ready to sign a joint contract to develop a platform for electric cars, and in addition to Audi Also likely to want to join.

However, this is not the first time the two companies have collaborated, as they have already developed the McLaren F1, which BMW just supplies. V12 McLaren is the designer. But this time, they will be working on skeletons for the development of several electric sports cars, and under both brands.

Meanwhile, it was leaked that in March, BMW and McLaren signed an MoU on the joint development of a skeleton for an electric sports car.

It is also not the first time BMW has collaborated with other car companies. It should be noted that BMW was already involved with Toyota in the production of cars, when they developed a car, BMW Z4 and Toyota Supra, both cars are Under a single skeleton.

BMW has announced its ambitions to capture the electric car market. The giant has already launched its electric car, now taking it to the next level: the electric car, with McLaren as the ultimate specialist in sports car design.

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