Hurry up! For only $ 100 a month, you will own a brand new Galaxy S22, a great Khmer New Year promotion from Samsung.

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Hurry up! For only $ 100 a month, you will own a brand new Galaxy S22, a great Khmer New Year promotion from Samsung.

Samsung makes good and kind smartphones. Samsung added a 15W Wireless Charger to celebrate the traditional Khmer New Year and get cool !!!

From today until April 24, 2022 to celebrate the New Year 2022 for Galaxy S22 series buyers at all official Samsung product distribution depots nationwide, customers will receive a 15W wireless charger Immediately. In addition, customers can also pay in installments with Aeon Bank with a 30% down payment, then pay only $ 100 monthly with no interest.Galaxy S22 Series*** Wow… more cool than expected *** !!! *** For customers who want a New Year gift, want to give a great New Year gift to important people or ready to take a beautiful photo gallery, cool video Anytime, anywhere During the Khmer New Year, the Galaxy S22 Series is a great choice.

I guarantee that all customers are satisfied and not disappointed. Usually during the New Year, we always go to our hometown or to visit the provinces, resorts and villages and districts to celebrate fun. With the Galaxy S22 series, you are sure to worry about running out of battery, water, dust and overheating. Let… remember me show it all.

The Galaxy S22 is made with the latest technology in mind:

Super Power & Super-Fast Charging

Large 5000 mAh battery lasts up to 2 days and charges in just 4 minutes can record video for up to 2 hours (Galaxy S22 Ultra only)

Super Power Camera

No matter how dim or strong the light is, both the front and rear cameras allow you to take clear photos and videos just like the top professional photographers.

IP68 Water & Dust Resistant

No more worries about dust and water!

Vision Booster

With the Galaxy S22 Ultra, even in the heat of the day, you can still see clearly with the Peak Brightness up to 1750 nits!

Heat Solution

The more powerful the technology, the more energy the battery requires (the more powerful technology, the more energy requires) and the energy in the smartphone will be converted into heat! But the Galaxy S22 Ultra is equipped with both software and hardware technology to emit heat, keeping the smartphone cool and not overheating.

Some fans do not know yet, and most Samsung customers already know! Please also note that the above promotion is only for customers who purchase Galaxy S22 Ultra 256GB, Galaxy S22 Plus 128GB and Galaxy S22 128GB as well as in the above date only. Great promotion for New Year 2022, Samsung also wishes all customers good luck, good health and happy New Year to all families.

For more details, visit the product in person or test it in person at any of your nearest Samsung product stores nationwide or contact our 24/7 toll free customer service. By phone: 1800-20 32 32.

Various conditions apply!

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