Even more special! Royal Enfield Cambodia offers a lot for Khmer New Year

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This year, the traditional Khmer New Year is on Thursday, the 13th day of the lunar month, until the 1st day of the month of Pisak in the year of Karl Chatva Sak to enter the Buddhist era 2566! Khmer New Year is one of the biggest festivals in Cambodia, which is always celebrated every year. For the upcoming New Year to be a blessing for life, everyone should look for new items such as motorcycles for riding and daily use! In addition, Royal Enfield Cambodia Motorcycle Company has a lot of offers and collections for all customers who are planning to get a new motorcycle.

Royal Enfield Cambodia is ready to celebrate the New Year with a stockpile of motorcycles, special offers, workshops and exhibitions! With the first week of April, this big motorcycle company has released 5 motorcycles and received 8 additional bookings! These achievements would not have been possible without the support of all customers, especially the release of a large number of motorcycles in March 2022 recently.

Choose with Royal Enfield motorcycles, customers will have many options such as Classic 350cc that comes in 4 types and 9 colors! Even more not to be missed with our best-selling model is the Meteor Cruiser, providing great comfort and convenience for city driving.

On the other hand, if you want to go on an adventurous trip to the jungle for the Khmer New Year, you can also look at the Royal Enfield Himalayan 411cc motorcycle, which is equipped with a phone charger and a destination map. Apart from the excellent quality, luxury and special value, Royal Enfield motorcycles also have a large number of offers that are the needs of really big motorcycle riders.

  • Motorcycle license plate: Worried about buying a motorcycle and have to run to get a license plate
  • Big Motorcycle Driver’s License: A card that a big motorcycle driver needs
  • Gasoline Card: Respond to the rising price of gasoline, save your money with the addition from our company
  • Two Free Oil and Filter Exchanges: Boost Your Confidence With Maintenance Workshop Services For The First 500 Kilometers
  • Royal Enfield suit that will make you more confident on every trip

More importantly, Royal Enfield Cambodia’s workshop services always bring new programs to every customer, such as Khmer New Year Service Checked, DIY and maintenance advice about your motorcycle… All this ensures that every customer will feel good not only with the motorcycle they buy, but also accompanied by the team of Service after-sale, who always take great care with Customer issues.

Recently, Royal Enfield will be present for a three-day exhibition at Macro Sen Sok Phnom Penh from Friday the 8th until Sunday the 10th of April 2022.

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