11 Apple products many people may not have seen

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11 Apple products many people may not have seen

11 Apple products many people may not have seen

In the past, we knew about Apple through the iPhone, iPad or MacBook and iMac, but not many people know that Apple has other strange products have been announced below. .

1. In 1993, Apple released a 25- color, seven-color Apple logo plaque for sale for $ 350 apiece.

2. 1991 – Apple announces OneScanner black and white scanner.

3. 1993 Apple announces PowerCD player

4. 1979 – Apple announces the Silentype printer.

5. 1997 Apple announces a unique Macintosh computer to commemorate its PC

6. In 2013, Apple auctioned off $ 461,000 worth of Gold EarPods to support RED funds

7. 2013 Apple bids red Mac Pro for $ 977,000 to support charity

8. 1994-97 Apple announces QuickTake digital camera

9. 1993 – Apple releases touch screen smart devices called Apple Newton personal digital assistants (PDAs).

It has almost all the modern features of a smartphone, such as calculator, address book, email, map and other computer-like functions.

10. 1986 In addition to technology products, Apple also produces home appliances and clothing.

11. 1996 – Apple announces the Pippin console platform.

OPPO Reno7 Series is very attractive, find a phone to give to pre-bookers is almost not enough

Although the OPPO Reno7 Series smartphone has not yet hit the market, many customers are rushing to pre-order it, which has become a hot topic these days. Observed that all mobile phone shops across Cambodia are also busy welcoming customers to book Reno7 has grown so much that OPPO almost no enough phones to deliver to customers.

Remarkably, in the technology industry, there is a shortage of chip supply, which makes the chip expensive and difficult to find, but OPPO still has a popular and user-friendly chip on the Reno7 model. Its new to accelerate operation and use less power with lower heat. Besides, you must be wondering what else’s OPPO Reno7 is so special that it exploded so fiercely in the Cambodian market?

However, after announcing the true price of the OPPO Reno7 Series at the official launch, both phone shop owners, customers, journalists and tech enthusiasts did not expect that the Reno7 smartphone priced at $ 369 | The Reno7 Z 5G, priced at $ 429, leads customers from all over the world to book immediately. Not only that, customers also say: “Reasonable price, reasonable price, strong capacity and good looks, unmatched features compared to other phones at a similar price.”

Want to know if this smartphone is really capable, worth the price? Should you decide to buy it? Let! We will tell you more details about the special features of the OPPO Reno7.

Highlights 1: Reno7 is equipped with the world’s first IMX709 top selfie sensor, as well as a collaboration between OPPO x Sony, which is capable of capturing bright images even in dark conditions.

Highlights 2: Reno7’s new body design that is the dream of consumers with luxury and high creativity with 2.5D square edges, thinner, lighter weight, caliber, providing comfort and modernity every time. Hold. And Reno7 has two color options to choose from: Sunset Orange, made from high quality fiberglass leather and Cosmic Black, OPPO Glow style design with glass and metal design.

Feature 3: Reno7 features a notification light on the rear camera compartment, flashing light around the stylish camera lens to alert you to incoming calls or messages, this design can be said to be only On the Reno7 Series, unique and unique.

Feature 4: Reno7 Equipped with 4500mAh battery with SuperVOOC 33W fast charging technology, can increase the power to charge faster than before, just charge 5 minutes, talk on the phone 160 minutes and 100% full charge in just one hour. .

In addition, the latest OPPO Reno7 Series smartphones also have new features, special features and many new technologies without disappointing all customers. If you love and want to exchange phones for the series, you can book the Reno7 Series from today until April 5, 2022. In many mobile phone shops across Cambodia, there are many special gifts, including:

• Reno 7 for $ 369 plus a $ 187 gift, including a smart scale ($ 29), a beautiful backpack ($ 29) and a Silver Smart SIM ($ 129) with a 12-week Big Smart plan.

Reno 7 Z 5G for $ 429 plus $ 272 gift includes: Smart Scale ($ 29), Beautiful Backpack ($ 29), 6-Month Screen Warranty ($ 85) and Silver Smart SIM ($ 129) Connect with the big Smart project for 12 weeks.

OPPO Watch Free The latest smartwatch that comes with health protection and full sports capabilities for just $ 89.

OPPO Enco Air2 , a new generation of wireless headphones with Dynamic Bass 13.4mm, clear sound with attractive transparent jelly cover design, can be purchased for $ 49.

What’s more, for all OPPO Reno7 Series subscribers, there is a chance to win an OPPO Reno7 phone immediately, just post your reservation on your personal Facebook account and take a screenshot to comment on OPPO’s pack from today until today. 05 April 2022.

Finally, on OPPO’s official Facebook page, we would like to thank all the customers who have been very supportive of the new OPPO Reno7 Series Portrait Expert smartphone on the first day of pre-order. And for those who have not pre-booked, please hurry to become the first owner of Reno7 Series with many gifts from OPPO.

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